Y’all brace yourselves for some serious bits of precious. I am over the moon still that I was given the gift of photographing Henry. I’ve now photographed three members of this family, and I have loved each session. I photographed Hayley a couple years ago updating her headshots (they can be found within this post about headshots), and you can see her daughter’s session here.

This session was super smooth in that Henry was such a calm baby. He didn’t fuss at all. Generally, for newborn sessions, there will be more feedings than normal since we like to keep their bellies full, which in turn keeps them extra sleepy, allowing me to pose and photograph moments like below.

The funny thing with Mr. Henry, was that he acted in an opposite fashion when he was fed. Instead of drifting off to dreamland when his sweet mama brought him back to me, he was wide awake. Not crying, or even cooing, not fussing, just wide awake. I’d swaddle him up and rock him in the toasty warm room, give him a pacifier, and try to lull him to sleep and this precious, little bug just stared at me and would occasionally blink. Y’all he was just the sweetest thing and I found the whole thing adorable and funny.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with photographing him with his eyes open. The difficulty comes only when you try to place their little hands one way or their legs another. When they are awake, they will suddenly jolt and there goes the pose, and you begin again.

In the end I think I spent 5-6 hours with him, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I mean, look at that tiny punkin!!!!

Thank y’all so much for letting me snuggle this little guy and capturing these for you.